About Us

Cameron Cooper hails from a long-line of women who have turned rags into riches. Scouring vintage stores and estate sales has been in her blood since day one, causing an intense obsession of all things mid-century. Her most beloved find, a 1960’s record console, rings out Buddy Holly, Otis Redding, and anything Motown to absolute perfection. You’ll most likely find her hogging all the space in her kitchen while she whips out vegetarian fare like it’s nobody’s business. She’s rarely caught without red lipstick and a string of pearls. And she’s sure to chat your ear off about Scotch, her vintage finds, and all things Bull Terriers.

Lindsey Reynolds is a native Texan who has a deep and burning desire to rescue all the obese pugs in the world, dress them in dotted swiss aprons, and arrange them artfully in her Palm Springs Richard Neutra-designed mid-century modern home. Until that happens, she is a writer at UT, and enjoys Southern culture/cuisine, costume jewelry, and the art of a finely-dressed cocktail in her spare time.